Customization Options

Conchos: for sizes 1 1/4" and larger i can fit up to 5 individual colors. So when placing your order please make sure to check out the color chart and choose your color(s). If you would like multiple colors please number your colors 1-5. One being your center stone, and five being your outer lining stone. 
Please note all stones under "effects" are just samples.
To browse through all of our blank conchos, click here! 
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Concho Base Colors: Antique Silver, Antique Silver W// Gold Spots,  Copper, Shiny Silver, & Nickle 
Specialty Base Colors: Yellow, Dark Copper, Bronze, & Patina (Turquoise) 
Concho Shapes, Sizes, Colors, & Pricing are listed in "Blank Conchos" & "Specialty Conchos"
Stitching: Buck Stitch or Loop Stitch is always an option if the item is able to be customized with it. (wither straps // bronc halters)
Buck Stitch:
Loop Stitch:
Stitching Colors: Baby Blue, Light Turquoise, Turquoise, Teal, Light Blue, Blue, Navy Blue, Pink, Dark Pink, Red, Dark Red, Orange, Salmon, Light Purple, Purple, Dark Purple, Beige, Khaki, Chestnut, Mocha, Tan, Peru Brown, Brown, Warm Brown, Dark Brown, Pale Green, Mint Green, Light Green, Olive Green, Pea Green, Green, Dark Olive Green, Dark Green, Gold, White, Ivory White, Black, Grey, Fuchsia, Lime Green, Burgundy. ( If I am missing a certain color, I am more than likely able to get it so please, just ask!)
Outlining & Hand Stamping: I can do outlining and hand stamping. There will be two pictures of what seems to be the same halter below, but it is not! Look closely :) One will be hand stamped & one will be outline only! 
Hand Stamping:
Outline Only:
If you would like your tack customized with stitching or outlining, you can only choose one or the other. We cannot do both unfortunately. Thanks!
Paint Colors: We proudly use Angelus Paint! To browse all of the paint they have and we carry, click here! 
Leather Color: (Lightest to Darkest) Natural, Oiled, Tan, Saddle Tan, Briar Brown, Mahogany, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black.
Names or Brands: Please understand all types of tack have their certain limits on how much I can fit on them. I will try my hardest to match brands as well. 
Bronc Noseband Options: 
We use only the best for our tack. That's why we choose Weaver Leather & Supply. A huge thank you to my local Weaver dealer C&C Feed & Supply, they keep us running! 
Weaver Halter Options: Small, Average, Large
Black, Blue, Red, Hurricane Blue, Hunter Green, Lime Zest, Purple, Diva Pink (Hot Pink), Graphite, Slate Blue, Emerald Green (Turquoise), Navy, Raspberry, Orange, French Blue, Lavender, Mint, Brown, Burgundy.
Amazon has all of the colors listed here!
Lead Rope Colors:
Lattice: Purple/Orchid
Ribbon: Purple/White/Raspberry, Navy/Tan/Burgundy, Purple/Hunter Green/Black, Navy/Black/Tan, Navy/Blue/Turquoise, Hurricane Blue/Pink Fusion/Purple Jazz, Lime Zest/Hurricane Blue/Purple Jazz, Blue/Turquoise/Green, Purple/Orange/Green, Graphite/Red/White
Speckle: Red/Black, Black/Turquoise, Coral/French Blue/Mint/Lavender, Lavender/Mint/Coral
Diamond: Black/Tan/Wheat, Black/Tan/Navy, Black/Hunter Green/Tan, Black/Purple/Tan, Navy/Blue/Tan, Black/Purple/Raspberry, Burgundy/Pink/Raspberry, Black/Hurricane Blue/ Lime Zest
Spiral: White/Navy/Red, Black/Green/Blue, Blue/White/Green, Orange/White/Blue, Orange/Black/Blue, Mint/Lavender/French Blue, Coral/Lavender/Mint
Rainbow: Black/Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Purple, Blue/Turquoise/Navy/Raspberry/Pastel Blue
Solid: Black, Red, Burgundy, Blue, Navy, Brown, Tan, Purple, Hunter Green, Pink, Raspberry, Hurricane Blue, Lime Zest, Diva Pink, Turquoise, Orange, Emerald Green, Mint, Lavender, French Blue, Graphite, Slate Blue
Striped: Red/Black, Black/Brown, Cornflower Blue/Black, Pink/Turquoise, Green/Black, Coral/Mint, Grey/Mint, Slate Blue/Titanium Grey
Twist: Raspberry/Teal/Purple, Red/White/Blue, Black/Turquoise/Tan, Black/Brown/Tan, French Blue/Coral/Mint 
**Again, thank you Amazon for having all those pictures of the lead ropes! Click here to see them!