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At the end of July 2023 we noticed some super off things Jainee was doing and decided to get her in to see our primary vet. Our primary knew something wasn’t right and tried her hardest with J, but she wasn’t responding to any kind of treatment and needed to get to an Internist. The next day, we headed up to see Dr.Ward at Gulfcoast Veterinary up in Sarasota. She was absolutely wonderful and extremely thorough. She was in the same predicament as our primary, that they have ran all of the tests, rads, and ultrasounds that they could with nothing concrete. Dr.Ward then sent us to Dr.Levine at Levine Neurology. Dr.Levine was able to do an MRI and spinal tap to diagnose Jainee for us. We went over the MRI in house with Dr.Levine and spent a few hours just discussing what we were up against. Him and his staff were some of the most kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and friendly people I have ever met in my life. Jainee has been diagnosed with Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis (GME). GME is an acute, progressive inflammatory disease of the central nervous system of dogs. Dr.Levine has put together a treatment plan for Janiee to help maintain this disease and hopefully get her to remission. Statistics show that in the first year 50% of dogs will make it, in the second year 30% of dogs will make it, and if left untreated they most likely pass within one months' time. Each sale goes directly to Jainee's cause. We hope we can somehow make a difference in GME through awareness. I’m here hoping that cross or tag you buy hangs in your truck or is tied to your saddle going on adventures and places because I know one day that’s something she won’t be around to do. That gives me hope that she’s there in spirit for every truck ride and rodeo or trail ride there ever was.
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