Customized Nylon Bronc Halter

Customized Nylon Bronc Halter

Lani's Custom Conchos & Tack

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-Horse Name: I can normally fit any registered name. In single runs, here are the characters for the size of the letters. Large letters: 5 characters, Medium letters: 7 characters, Small letters: 10 characters. 

-Halter Color: The list pictured is from Weaver Leather, that is who I order all of the nylon halters from. They have the best selection and quality to me! 

-Leadrope: You can add a leadrope to match the halter color if you’d like, this is not a requirement! 

-Cheeks: They are an optional feature, you can choose yes or no and they will be customized with the same theme as the noseband. If you’d like them changed or something different, please let me know.

-Noseband Style: Noseband styles are pictured so you can take a look and see what you like! If you’d like to see what one looks like on a halter feel free to message me or scroll our bronc halter album on Facebook! 

-Leather Color: Colors are pictured above as well, pick what you like! 

-Conchos: The FUN part!!! Conchos start off with choosing the shape. There are 4 different shapes available. If you have something certain in mind please feel free to message me and I’m sure I can find it or I can at least get close to give you options :) Then there’s the base color, there’s three base colors to choose from. Choose what YOU like and what you think will compliment the leather and rhinestones :) Rhinestones! You can pick up to 5 rhinestone colors! Rhinestone color #1 is the center stone or starting stone, #5 is going to be the outer edge! If only one color is chosen the concho will be that one color. 

-Paint Color: This is not a requirement, some people don’t like their halters painted or there is no name stamped to paint. Angelus paints are who I order from, I have them listed in the photos to help put a better visual on the colors for you as well! 

-Extras: Buckstitch and Outline are the two extras I offer for a little more depth on the outer edges of the noseband. You can choose one or the other or none! 

-Stitching Color: If you choose buckstitch you can choose the color of that stitching here!